Summary/Print, PDF, and Return Access Issues (RESOLVED)

4/13/2017 – 5:38pm EDT

We are seeing consistent prints at this time and receiving the same reports from the field.  We will continue to monitor through the evening.  Please email support with EFIN and last 4 if you experience additional issues so we can see if the issue is return specific.

4/13/2017 – 4:43pm EDT

The issue with generating a PDF from inside or outside of a return is still present and actively being worked still at this time. We no longer need EFIN’s and last 4 of SSN’s. Thank you for the feedback we have received currently.

4/13/2017 – 4:14pm EDT

A fix was just pushed out to address the issues accessing a return, and/or Summary/Print loading slowly or not at all. At this time, we ask that you access returns previously experiencing the issue to see if they still exist. If they do, please provide the EFIN and last 4 of the Taxpayer’s SSN to our support e-mail. You may still experience slowness or time-outs when opening a PDF from Summary/Print.

4/13/2017 – 3:45pm EDT

We are actively looking into reports of users experiencing issues at their sites where they are unable to open a return from Client List, PDF’s will not render, and/or Summary/Print is slow when loading or is not loading. We will provide updates as they become available.

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