IRS Reject Codes IND-0195, IND-0196, and IND-202 — Updated Information

4:02 PM EDT — The issue causing the below reject codes has been resolved.  You will need to open the return to refresh the e-file.  At this point, you can select Save and Transmit to the IRS from the submission page

3:00 PM EDT — We will be making a change that will allow you to resubmit these returns at 3:15 EDT.  You may see a brief interruption of service depending on what you are doing in the return at this time.  Once we make the change we will send a test submission and update the blog post.

4/20/2017 – 1:43pm EDT

We are receiving reports of a small percentage of returns being rejected by the IRS for Reject Codes IND-0195, 0196, and 202 as outlined below. Our developers are looking into these reject codes and we will update this post once we know more.

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