Pro Online: Product Update Alert – 4/26/2017

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on April 26th at 6:30am EDT for approximately 15-30 minutes to push out a series of updates.

4/26/1:12pm EDT

Items pushed out in today’s update include the following:

  • Form W-2 – When making four (4) entries for Box 14, the 4th entry was not carrying to the PDF generated W-2. This has been corrected.
  • Form W-2 – If in Box 14, you listed an amount as “Retirement (Not in Box 12) – Carry to 8880” it was being included in the calc but the preparer wouldn’t know unless viewing the PDF. Now, the amount from the W-2, Box 14 entry carries into F8880 inside of the program for better on-screen visibility for the users.
  • Zip Code 99623 has been added to the zip code database to auto-fill “Wasilla, Alaska”.
  • F1042-S – Exemption Code “00 – No Exemption” was added in drop down for “Chapter 3 Code” menu.
  • State Production Detail Report – Added columns for E-mail, Address, City, and State.
  • State Summary Report – Fixed issues to now display correct state refund amount on report.
  • Site Detail Report – Added columns for Taxpayer’s D.O.B. and Spouse information in report.
  • Site Production Report – Fixes pushed out to reflect last names correctly.
  • Form 1310 – When selecting “Neither” in Part II and saving the entry then re-entering the form, the “Neither” selection was changing to “B. A court WILL provide….”. This has been corrected to keep the initial selection.
  • Form 8843 – When using the 1040NR program, there was no option to delete Form 8843 if a user mistakenly completed Part II instead of Part III (as an example). Now, a delete option has been added within each sub-menu of Form 8843.
  • IP PIN – Searching for the IP PIN entry has been added to the drop down menu when using Quick File. To locate this option in Quick File, start typing “Identity” and you will see the selection of “Identity Identification PIN” appear in the drop down to add to your Quick File list.
  • Form 8839 – The Child’s name, Identifying Number, and Year of Birth were previously required entries within the Adoption Credit page. Since that information may not all be available to the taxpayer at the time the return is filed, the only required entry is the Year of Birth.
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