News Alert: Internet Issues across the US — Updated Information

Update 1:13 PM EST — At this time, reports are that most issues have been resolved and internet services are returning to normal.  Our IT staff is continuing to monitor and will provide additional updates if needed.

We have been made aware through multiple external sources that there is a major internet issue occurring in several major areas of the US, including Atlanta, GA.  We are not operating out of our Atlanta Data Center so it does not appear that we are impacted at this time and our services remain accessible.  However, please be aware that there may be some slower than normal connectivity depending on where you are located.

You may also experience connectivity issues with your upstream provider depending on where you are located and how seriously they are being impacted.

Below is a map of the currently impacted areas

We will continue to monitor the status and will provide updates as we have them

Blog posted 05/02/2017    11:49 AM

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