Quality Alerts

TaxSlayer Practice Lab – Practice Area Not Available

3/24/17 – Currently, the Practice Area within the Practice Lab shown below is not accessible. You will receive the “Error Page” message shown in the 2nd screenshot when selecting the “Go to Practice Area” shown in the 1st screenshot. You can still access all of the training videos, user guides, etc. from within the Practice Lab. We will provide updates once the Practice Area is accessible once again. At this time, we anticipate the Practice Area being available around mid-week next week.

Client List: Filtering by Return Tags Yielding No Results

3/24/17 – 8:30am – We have received reports that filtering your Client List by Return Tags at the sites is not yielding any results. This has been reported and is being actively worked. We will provide updates as they become available.

March 23: Software Updates

A few items were pushed out this morning.

  • Michigan: When creating a Part-Year CF-1040, the option to claim “Credit for Tax Paid to Another City” has been added within the Payments and Credits menu of the CF-1040 menu.
  • Vermont: For the HI-144, an option to adjust “Other Income” to carry to Line M has been added specific to the Taxpayer and Spouse on the return.
  • California: A fix was pushed out to correct a calculation issue for EITC for Form 540-NR (line 85). Users still need to go into the CA return > Credits > CA Earned Income Credit menu and complete the necessary questions for Form 3514.

ACA Calculation Issues — Message from IRS

Background Scenario 1:   On Thursday, March 9 (7am) through Friday, March 10 (5am), TaxSlayer identified that the software was generating calculation errors in the section of ACA.  Issues identified by TaxSlayer were as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) was not calculating.
  • Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC) was not calculating the PTC Claim and Reconciliation of Advance Payment of PTC properly.

 Background Scenario 2:  On Friday, March 10 (5am) through Thursday, March 16 (10:30am), TaxSlayer identified that a specific e-file server was extracting ACA information that was included on returns when they were e-filed. Issues identified by TaxSlayer were as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) was calculating in the return, but not being included in the e-file.
  • Excess advance payments of the premium tax credit (APTC) was calculating in the return, but not being included in the e-file.

Information:  TaxSlayer determined the number of returns potentially impacted during this time period:

  • 116 returns were identified as those potentially impacted by SRP.
    • This is based on any member of the household having at least 1 month where they were not covered by insurance and there is no exemption.
  • 2,328 returns were identified where the taxpayer purchased insurance from the marketplace and the preparer entered a Form1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement.
    • This does not necessarily mean the refund/balance due was impacted, it could simply mean the reconciliation with the Form 8962 did not go in the e-file.
      • This could result in the taxpayer receiving a notice from IRS requesting a copy of the Form 1095-A
  • 2,279 returns were identified that went through the specific e-file server.
    • This does not necessarily mean the refund/balance due was impacted, but the return needs to be reviewed to ensure the refund/balance due in the return is the same that went up in the e-file.
    • 900 of these were rejected for IRS Reject FPY-089. Verify that you do not have any outstanding rejects.
      • This reject code occurred when the return calculated correctly and printed correctly for the taxpayer, however, SRP and/or excess APTC was excluded when the e-file was created.

Action: TaxSlayer developed a management report within the software titled “Problem Returns Report”.  (See attached instructions)  Sites can review this report to determine if there were returns prepared that may have the calculation errors.  Sites can then decide how they wish to handle those returns to provide any additional assistance to the taxpayer.

In the rare event, the calculation error results in a balance due for the taxpayer, TaxSlayer will be providing a letter that sites can share.  It can be used as an explanation to waive any interest and/or penalties associated with the balance due.

Contact:  We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.   If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact any member of the TaxSlayer Transition Team.


Blog Posted 03/23/2017              6:10 AM


Form 2441: Child and Dependent Care Update

3/22/2017 – 2:51pm

An update was pushed out today to Form 2441 entry menu. When a taxpayer has 2 qualifying persons for this credit but only 1 qualifying person has child and dependent care expenses, the IRS still allows you to use the $6,000 limit that applies to 2 or more qualifying persons.

In order to apply this rule if your return meets the requirement, go into the Credits menu > Child and Dependent Care. In Step 2, click “Edit” for the qualifying person with no expenses and check the box outlined below. The software will then know to apply to the $6,000 limitation when you have 2 or more qualifying persons listed but only 1 has expenses.

March 21: Software Updates

The below software updates were pushed out this morning.

  • ACA – Previously when a qualifying person was listed on a return and the box “Check if this qualifying child is NOT YOUR DEPENDENT” was marked, the qualifying person was still being included as a member of the household when completing the Health Insurance menu. Now when checking the above mentioned box, the qualifying person is not included as a member of the household for ACA.
  • ACA – Previously when completing the Health Insurance menu and indicating full year coverage through the Marketplace, the Coverage Exemption page would display in error. This has been corrected.
  • 2014 Program – When preparing a 2014 return and indicating the TP/Spouse was deceased, the only Date of Death years available were 2016 and 2017. This has been corrected to reflect Date of Death years 2012 through 2015.
  • 1099-R Rollover Validation – If a $10,000 distribution was entered into the 1099-R menu, with $1,000 listed in Box 4 and $10,000 listed in the rollover area, you were not able to save the 1099-R entry due to the rollover amount plus withholdings being higher than the distribution.
    • This validation not allowing the 1099-R to be saved has been removed.

1099-R & PSO Exclusion Update

When previously completing the Simplified General Rule Worksheet within the 1099-R entry menu and using the PSO Exclusion checkbox, the calculated taxable amount from Box 2a, was not carrying to the PDF of the 1040. This has been resolved.

TaxSlayer Pro Online Updates

Below are many updates pushed out either yesterday morning (3/16) or this morning (3/17). Most updates are related to state returns.

  • The “In Progress” status can be used as a filter now for sites that have a client list of over 999 returns.
  • Some sites were experiencing issues of filtering their Client List by certain Return Tags but returns included in the filtered list were not marked with the filtered tag. This has been resolved.
  • California – Within the Payments section of the CA Amended Return, we added an entry field to provide the CA EITC from Line 75 of F540.
  • Delaware – RRB entries made within the state return were not carrying to the PDF. This has been resolved.
    • Part-Year residency dates entered were not carrying to Form 200-01. This has been resolved.
  • Idaho – The option to claim the Grocery Credit has been added to Nonresident Idaho returns.
  • Iowa – Estimated payment vouchers were not showing in the PDF when added in the program. This has been resolved.
    • Users were receiving a validation error when selecting Adams County with School District Corning. This validation error has been corrected.
    • Military exclusion was not being subtracted correctly on the PDF. This has been resolved.
  • Louisiana – IT-540-ES watermarks have been removed from the PDF.
    • Direct Deposit information was not printing on Resident or Nonresident LA returns. This has been corrected.
  • Michigan – Now on the Common Form, you can add up to six (6) W-2’s. Previously you were only able to add two (2) W-2’s to the MI Common Form.
  • Minnesota – State withholdings reported on the Federal Section > Payments and Estimates > Other State Withholding’s were not carrying to the MN return. This has been corrected.
  • Missouri – The subtraction of RRB Tier 2 benefits was not being subtracted in the Private Pension calculation. This has been resolved.
  • Montana – Calculation fix pushed when claiming the pension exclusion for a Married Filing Joint and both spouses have retirement income.
    • W-2 income not previously carrying to Schedule IV. This is now resolved.
  • New Jersey – Verbiage update made in the “Income Subject to Tax” menu so users know where to exclude qualifying income exempt from NJ tax.
    • Allocated and Unreported Tips entered in the W-2 were not carrying to NJ-1040, line 14. This has been resolved
  • Oregon – For the Federal Pension Subtraction, an entry field was added to carry specifically to the Oregon column. This is in addition to the Federal column entry already listed in the state return menu.
  • Rhode Island – W-2 entry in box 14 for RI-TDI is now included in the MA Schedule OJC calculation for Taxes Paid to Other States or Jurisdictions.
  • Vermont – Voluntary Contribution entries were misaligned in the code so they were carrying to the wrong line in the PDF. This has been corrected
    • Form IN-152 in the PDF reflected 2015. Has been updated to 2016
    • Form IN-144 in the PDF reflected 2016 on the Estimated Payment Vouchers. This has been updated to reflect 2017.
    • Within the Form HI-144 entry menu, we added a field for the user to adjust the SS and Medicare tax we already carry in to Line O

Software Updates – March 13th

  • The Health Insurance menu has been turned on for 1040-NR returns.
  • When completing the 1099-R, specifically the General Simplified Worksheet, the taxable amount that was carrying to Box 2a was displaying the incorrect Age Factor when the age was between 111-120. This caused confusion because Box 2a of the 1099-R showed one amount but the 1040 showed a different amount. The amount that pulled to the 1040 and included with the return was always correct.

QSRA: Policy Update on Expired ITIN

Purpose:  Provide guidance on how to assist taxpayers with an expired ITIN that also have a requirement to file tax returns.

Click here to view PDF