Quality Alerts

Pro Online: Product Update Alert – 4/26/2017

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on April 26th at 6:30am EDT for approximately 15-30 minutes to push out a series of updates.

4/26/1:12pm EDT

Items pushed out in today’s update include the following:

  • Form W-2 – When making four (4) entries for Box 14, the 4th entry was not carrying to the PDF generated W-2. This has been corrected.
  • Form W-2 – If in Box 14, you listed an amount as “Retirement (Not in Box 12) – Carry to 8880” it was being included in the calc but the preparer wouldn’t know unless viewing the PDF. Now, the amount from the W-2, Box 14 entry carries into F8880 inside of the program for better on-screen visibility for the users.
  • Zip Code 99623 has been added to the zip code database to auto-fill “Wasilla, Alaska”.
  • F1042-S – Exemption Code “00 – No Exemption” was added in drop down for “Chapter 3 Code” menu.
  • State Production Detail Report – Added columns for E-mail, Address, City, and State.
  • State Summary Report – Fixed issues to now display correct state refund amount on report.
  • Site Detail Report – Added columns for Taxpayer’s D.O.B. and Spouse information in report.
  • Site Production Report – Fixes pushed out to reflect last names correctly.
  • Form 1310 – When selecting “Neither” in Part II and saving the entry then re-entering the form, the “Neither” selection was changing to “B. A court WILL provide….”. This has been corrected to keep the initial selection.
  • Form 8843 – When using the 1040NR program, there was no option to delete Form 8843 if a user mistakenly completed Part II instead of Part III (as an example). Now, a delete option has been added within each sub-menu of Form 8843.
  • IP PIN – Searching for the IP PIN entry has been added to the drop down menu when using Quick File. To locate this option in Quick File, start typing “Identity” and you will see the selection of “Identity Identification PIN” appear in the drop down to add to your Quick File list.
  • Form 8839 – The Child’s name, Identifying Number, and Year of Birth were previously required entries within the Adoption Credit page. Since that information may not all be available to the taxpayer at the time the return is filed, the only required entry is the Year of Birth.

Pro Online: Product Update Alert – April 20th

4/20/2017 – 9:38am EDT

Phase I was delivered this morning for VA Reject 760-030 and Phase II is scheduled to be deployed tomorrow morning before sites will be able to resubmit impacted VA state returns. We will provide an update once phase II has been tested once released to production.

4/19/2017 – 2:13pm EDT

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on Thursday, April 20th at 6:30am EDT to perform a series of updates. Updates will be pushed out for reports at the site level as well as the fix for VA Reject Code 760-030. More details to follow Thursday morning.

Direct Debit – Future Date Unavailable

When transmitting returns with an amount owed to the IRS and/or state, and selecting Direct Debit, you will see the below message displayed. You will be unable to request a future date for the amount owed to be debited from the bank account provided. Direct Debit returns will be transmitted with the current date listed to process the payment.

If the taxpayer does not wish to initiate their Federal payment when their return is filed, please choose “Mail Payment” to submit the return electronically but will allow the taxpayer to mail in their payment with a voucher or make a payment online via IRS.gov. If filing a state return and the taxpayer does not wish to initiate their payment when their return is filed, please select “Electronic State Balance Due” when choosing the State Return Type. The taxpayer can then mail in their payment to the state or make an online payment from their state’s DOR website if that option is available.

Summary/Print, PDF, and Return Access Issues (RESOLVED)

4/13/2017 – 5:38pm EDT

We are seeing consistent prints at this time and receiving the same reports from the field.  We will continue to monitor through the evening.  Please email support with EFIN and last 4 if you experience additional issues so we can see if the issue is return specific.

4/13/2017 – 4:43pm EDT

The issue with generating a PDF from inside or outside of a return is still present and actively being worked still at this time. We no longer need EFIN’s and last 4 of SSN’s. Thank you for the feedback we have received currently.

4/13/2017 – 4:14pm EDT

A fix was just pushed out to address the issues accessing a return, and/or Summary/Print loading slowly or not at all. At this time, we ask that you access returns previously experiencing the issue to see if they still exist. If they do, please provide the EFIN and last 4 of the Taxpayer’s SSN to our support e-mail. You may still experience slowness or time-outs when opening a PDF from Summary/Print.

4/13/2017 – 3:45pm EDT

We are actively looking into reports of users experiencing issues at their sites where they are unable to open a return from Client List, PDF’s will not render, and/or Summary/Print is slow when loading or is not loading. We will provide updates as they become available.

April 10: Software Updates

The below items were pushed live for TaxSlayer Pro Online this morning.

  • Custom Credits Report: An EFIN column has been added to the report.
  • State Direct Deposit not Validating RTN and ACCT entries: An issue was fixed when you had a Federal amount owed but receiving a refund from the state and selected Direct Deposit. If the RTN and ACCT numbers were entered incorrectly, it did not validate when continuing to the Submission page of E-file. This has been corrected.
  • Form 1040NR: Form 8843 was not considering leap year and would not allow an entry of 366 days. This has been corrected.
  • Schedule C: Business Use of Home was not considering leap year and would not allow an entry of 366 days. This has been corrected.
  • EIN Database: When entering an EIN from an employer with a foreign address previously saved at the site, when saving the form, a validation error would pop up for invalid zip code. This has been corrected.

Pro Online: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode on Monday, April 10th at 6:00 AM to perform a series of updates.

April 5: Software Updates

The below updates/fixes were pushed out to TaxSlayer Pro Online this morning.

  • ACA: When the Taxpayer is marked as “IS being claimed as a dependent” in Basic Information, the option to skip the Health Insurance section will be available.
  • Form 1116: We previously did not provide an option to enter the “TYPE” if income being reported within the 1116 to carry to Line 1a as the description. This option is now available.
  • Basic Information Menu: When marking a Taxpayer as “CAN BE claimed….”, a below question appears asking “IS the TP being claimed….”. This will impact items such as the American Opportunity Credit and what the TP is allowed to claim, refundable/nonrefundable portions, etc.
  • Form 2441: When preparing a Married Filing Joint return and the Taxpayer’s W-2 was claiming a Medicaid Waiver Payment, it was incorrectly being subtracted from the Spouse’s earned income on Form 2441. This has been corrected.

April 4th: Software Updates

The below updates/fixes were pushed live this morning for TaxSlayer Pro Online.

  • ACA – Step 2 of the SRP worksheet was including a qualifying child in the SRP calculation when that qualifying child was marked as “Not a Dependent” within Basic Information. This has been corrected.
  • Arkansas – A fix was pushed where “Subtractions” from AR taxable income was being included in the return calculation but the subtraction description was not carrying to AR4, Part 3.
  • Maine – When amending a Maine return, there was a calculation error on Line 29 when subtracting line 27 from line 24. This has been fixed.
  • Michigan
    • City of Detroit Return – When entering an “Additions to Income” entry, the description was not carrying to F5118. This has been fixed.
    • City of Detroit Return – Early retirement distributions reported on the Federal return were automatically subtracting on the City of Detroit resident return. Within the “Subtractions” menu in the Detroit return, an entry field for “IRA/Pension Annuity and Other Retirement….” was added for users to adjust automatic subtractions being carried to F5118. Allows both positive and negative dollar amount entries.
    • Main Michigan Return – Subtractions from Income > Deductions for Taxpayers Born before 1953 > Retirement Benefits that are Exempt from Michigan Income Tax > Retirement and Pension Benefits > Payer from 1099-R > Distribution Code did not allow letters to be entered. This has been corrected to allow letter entries.
  • Rhode Island – Amended State menu > Income and Deductions > Modifications to Federal AGI did not allow a negative amount to be entered. This has been corrected to allow negative dollar value entries.
  • Connecticut – Amended State menu > Total Tax. Entry for CT EIC added to carry to Line 22a of CT-1040X.

E-filing: Prior Year Validation Error for State Identification (RESOLVED)

4/3/2017 – 12:22pm EDT

The issue with prior year submissions receiving the State ID Validation Error has been resolved. At this time, you can resubmit the impacted 2015 returns following your normal procedures at your site.

3/31/17 – 9:11am EDT

Some 2015 e-files are still receiving the State ID Validation Error. We recommending holding these impacted returns at this time. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

3/30/17 – 3:35pm EDT

When e-filing 2015 tax returns, many of you have received this Validation Error:

“The ‘http://www.irs.gov/efile:DrvrLcnsOrStateIssdIdIssDt’ element is invalid – The value ‘0001-01-01’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘http://www.irs.gov/efile:DateType’ – The Pattern constraint failed.”

Our developers have identified and resolved the issue causing the above Validation Error when e-filing 2015 returns. The fix will be pushed out tomorrow (3/31/17) morning at 8am EDT. We will update this post once we confirm the fix is live.

At this time, we recommend holding 2015 e-files until confirmation of the deploy has been posted.

April 3rd: Software Updates

The below updates/fixes were pushed out this morning for TaxSlayer Pro Online.

  • Form 8379 – Fixed an issue where the Federal Tax Withholdings were not carrying to the 8370 correctly.
    • Fixed an issue when checking the boxes for questions 7/8 was not carrying to the PDF.
  • Form 1099-Q – Fixed an issue where entries made were allocating to the wrong spouse on the return
  • Form W-7 – “Date of Entry into the U.S.” is no longer a required field. “Never Entered U.S.” would manually be written on Line 6d of the W-7.
  • Form W-2 – In box 14, the option “MN MSRS C – MN Pickup Contribution” was added to the drop down.