Delay in Federal/State Acknowledgements — Updated Information

5/9/2017 — 5:26 PM EDT Updated Information

We have submitted all 2016 returns that were still in the “Transmitted” status and have resolved the issue for future submissions.  We are in the process of transmitting the 2015 and 2014 returns that are still in the “Transmitted” status.  No action is required to resend these.

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5/9/2017 – 10:18am EDT

We have received reports from sites that have returns still in the “Transmitted” status dated back to as early as May 4th and 5th. This is for years 2014, 2015, and 2016. We are currently looking into these reports to see where any issue may lie. At this time, please do not resubmit any returns that are still in “Transmitted” status. More updates will be provided as they become available.

Federal Reject Code IND-202 Update (4/26/17) – RESOLVED

4/27/2017 – 11:40am EDT

The issue causing Federal Reject Code IND-202 has been corrected and is now live. For any returns at your site that have been recently rejected for IND-202, please go into each return and resubmit at your earliest convenience.

4/27/2017 – 8:13am EDT

The deploy this morning did not correct the issue with the Vendor Control Number consistently being included in the return submission. Our developers are continuing to investigate. We will provide updates as they become available.

4/26/2017 – 2:48pm EDT

We received reports today (4/26/17) of returns being rejected for the Vendor Control Number not being included in the return submission (Federal Reject Code IND-202). Our developers have identified and corrected the issue to ensure the Vendor Control Number is always being included in the submission. The fix is expected to be pushed tomorrow morning (4/27/17).

On the morning of April 27th, after we confirm the fix is live, we will update this blog post to provide users with the next steps so impacted returns can be resubmitted.

IRS Reject Codes IND-0195, IND-0196, and IND-202 — Updated Information

4:02 PM EDT — The issue causing the below reject codes has been resolved.  You will need to open the return to refresh the e-file.  At this point, you can select Save and Transmit to the IRS from the submission page

3:00 PM EDT — We will be making a change that will allow you to resubmit these returns at 3:15 EDT.  You may see a brief interruption of service depending on what you are doing in the return at this time.  Once we make the change we will send a test submission and update the blog post.

4/20/2017 – 1:43pm EDT

We are receiving reports of a small percentage of returns being rejected by the IRS for Reject Codes IND-0195, 0196, and 202 as outlined below. Our developers are looking into these reject codes and we will update this post once we know more.

Direct Debit – Future Date Unavailable

When transmitting returns with an amount owed to the IRS and/or state, and selecting Direct Debit, you will see the below message displayed. You will be unable to request a future date for the amount owed to be debited from the bank account provided. Direct Debit returns will be transmitted with the current date listed to process the payment.

If the taxpayer does not wish to initiate their Federal payment when their return is filed, please choose “Mail Payment” to submit the return electronically but will allow the taxpayer to mail in their payment with a voucher or make a payment online via IRS.gov. If filing a state return and the taxpayer does not wish to initiate their payment when their return is filed, please select “Electronic State Balance Due” when choosing the State Return Type. The taxpayer can then mail in their payment to the state or make an online payment from their state’s DOR website if that option is available.

California Reject Code R0000-065 *4/11/2017 Update*

4/11/2017 – 5:45pm EDT

We apologize for the delay in updating this post. The fix took longer than expected. At this time, sites impacted with CA Reject Code R0000-065 can follow the protocols at their sites to resubmit these returns. Be sure to submit these CA returns as State-Only if their Federal return has previously been accepted.

4/7/2017 – 9:00am EDT

The fix is anticipated to be pushed live Monday morning, April 10th. Currently, CA returns with Form 3514 (CA EITC) and Form 8455 (Direct Debit authorization) are receiving CA Reject Code R0000-065. To avoid further CA rejections at your site, we ask that CA returns with CA EITC (Form 3514) and/or Direct Debit selected as the return type (Form 8455) be held until Monday morning. However, if a CA return does not have EITC but does have an amount owed to the state, you can select state return type “Electronic State Balance Due” to avoid CA Reject R0000-065. The taxpayer would be advised to mail in their CA amount owed to the state.

4/3/17 – 10:45am EDT

We have seen additional CA returns rejected that did not receive CA EITC. The fix is currently in testing. At this time, if you receive CA Reject R0000-065, please do not resubmit until we have posted that the issue has been resolved.

3/31/17 – 4:50pm EDT

It has been determined Form 3514, when applicable to a CA return (CA EITC), was not being included in the document count when transmitting. For this reason, CA was rejecting these returns. The fix is currently in testing and is set to pushed live early next week. We will update this post once the fix is live and CA returns with EITC can be resubmitted.

If your site has CA returns not receiving CA EITC requiring Form 3514, they can be transmitted at any time as they are not impacted.

3/31/17 – 8:09am EDT

We have received reports of some sites filing CA returns receiving CA Reject Code R0000-065.

“The total number of documents contained within the return [CA-ReturnData] must match the document count attribute [documentCnt] contained within the specific return [CA-ReturnData] element, as computed by FTB.”

We are currently looking into this reject code to determine where the issue lies. We recommend holding impacted CA returns at this time to avoid further rejections. We will provide an update as additional information is available.

E-filing: Prior Year Validation Error for State Identification (RESOLVED)

4/3/2017 – 12:22pm EDT

The issue with prior year submissions receiving the State ID Validation Error has been resolved. At this time, you can resubmit the impacted 2015 returns following your normal procedures at your site.

3/31/17 – 9:11am EDT

Some 2015 e-files are still receiving the State ID Validation Error. We recommending holding these impacted returns at this time. We will post additional information as it becomes available.

3/30/17 – 3:35pm EDT

When e-filing 2015 tax returns, many of you have received this Validation Error:

“The ‘http://www.irs.gov/efile:DrvrLcnsOrStateIssdIdIssDt’ element is invalid – The value ‘0001-01-01’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘http://www.irs.gov/efile:DateType’ – The Pattern constraint failed.”

Our developers have identified and resolved the issue causing the above Validation Error when e-filing 2015 returns. The fix will be pushed out tomorrow (3/31/17) morning at 8am EDT. We will update this post once we confirm the fix is live.

At this time, we recommend holding 2015 e-files until confirmation of the deploy has been posted.

IRS Reject 202 — Options for resending

If you have any outstanding Reject 202 returns, you can resend them.  There are two ways to resend these returns:

(1) Select and resend them all at one time by going to:

  • Transmissions
  • Selecting Add Returns
  • Select the returns that were rejected for 202
  • Send to the IRS

Note:  You do not have to open the return prior to sending it again.

(2) You can open the returns and send them from inside the return, if you want to verify anything prior to sending them.

Blog Posted 03/22/2017     7:47 AM EST



Federal Reject Code IND 202 — Updated Information

Update:  You can now resend these returns.  Open each return (no changes required) and then you can either send from the Submission page or Add them to your Transmission page.

We are receiving reports of returns being rejected for Federal Reject Code IND-202 – ‘VendorControlNum’ in ‘FilinSecurityInformation’ in the Return Header must have a value.

Our development team is currently looking into this reject code. At this time there is no additional action on your end. We will provide updates to this blog as information becomes available.

Blog Posted 03/17/2017      7:37 AM EST

Pro Online: Post Thursday ACA returns (subset of returns)

We have identified and corrected an issue that impacted a subset of ACA returns created/edited after 5 AM on Friday, March 10th.  It is important to note that this did NOT impact ALL returns in the following scenario.

Scenario:  The taxpayer had insurance purchased through the marketplace and had SRP or Excess APTC calculated in the return.  The return displayed and printed the calculated information, but was not included in the e-file.  This made the refund/balance due in the e-file different than the refund/balance due calculated by the software.

Next Steps:  Returns that were rejected as described in the blog post referencing FPY-089 can now be opened, reviewed based on your site procedures and resent.  This also impacts a group of returns that were IRS accepted with a different refund/balance due in the e-file than was calculated in the return.  We are working to identify the potential pool of these returns and distribute the information.

We will also continue to maintain updates on the blog post regarding the returns that were impacted on Thursday, March 9th due to SRP not calculating in the return and the 8962 not being in the return.

Blog Posted 03/15/2017                5:04 PM EST

IRS Reject FPY-089 — Updated Information

Updated information 4:25 PM:  We have identified and corrected the issue that generated this reject.  You can now follow your established processes and resend these returns.  We ask at a minimum, you do the following:

  • Open each return (even if you opened it earlier in the day)
  • Review the e-file page
  • The majority of these appear to be Direct Debit, so verify the Direct Debit withdrawal date is still a date in the future
  • Resend based on the procedures established by your site.


Scenario:  Your return was rejected for the following:

Document Id:  DOVC532710826IDIRSPayment

Rule Number:  FPY-089

“PaymentAmt’ in the IRS Payment Record must not be more than 200% of ‘OwedAmt’.  If a value is not provided for ‘OwedAmt’, treat that value as zero.

Recommendation:  Please hold these returns until we can issue further guidance.  We in the process of determining the cause of the reject and a recommended solution.

Blog Posted 03/16/2017    9;11 AM EST