March 23: Software Updates

A few items were pushed out this morning.

  • Michigan: When creating a Part-Year CF-1040, the option to claim “Credit for Tax Paid to Another City” has been added within the Payments and Credits menu of the CF-1040 menu.
  • Vermont: For the HI-144, an option to adjust “Other Income” to carry to Line M has been added specific to the Taxpayer and Spouse on the return.
  • California: A fix was pushed out to correct a calculation issue for EITC for Form 540-NR (line 85). Users still need to go into the CA return > Credits > CA Earned Income Credit menu and complete the necessary questions for Form 3514.

TaxSlayer Pro Online Updates

Below are many updates pushed out either yesterday morning (3/16) or this morning (3/17). Most updates are related to state returns.

  • The “In Progress” status can be used as a filter now for sites that have a client list of over 999 returns.
  • Some sites were experiencing issues of filtering their Client List by certain Return Tags but returns included in the filtered list were not marked with the filtered tag. This has been resolved.
  • California – Within the Payments section of the CA Amended Return, we added an entry field to provide the CA EITC from Line 75 of F540.
  • Delaware – RRB entries made within the state return were not carrying to the PDF. This has been resolved.
    • Part-Year residency dates entered were not carrying to Form 200-01. This has been resolved.
  • Idaho – The option to claim the Grocery Credit has been added to Nonresident Idaho returns.
  • Iowa – Estimated payment vouchers were not showing in the PDF when added in the program. This has been resolved.
    • Users were receiving a validation error when selecting Adams County with School District Corning. This validation error has been corrected.
    • Military exclusion was not being subtracted correctly on the PDF. This has been resolved.
  • Louisiana – IT-540-ES watermarks have been removed from the PDF.
    • Direct Deposit information was not printing on Resident or Nonresident LA returns. This has been corrected.
  • Michigan – Now on the Common Form, you can add up to six (6) W-2’s. Previously you were only able to add two (2) W-2’s to the MI Common Form.
  • Minnesota – State withholdings reported on the Federal Section > Payments and Estimates > Other State Withholding’s were not carrying to the MN return. This has been corrected.
  • Missouri – The subtraction of RRB Tier 2 benefits was not being subtracted in the Private Pension calculation. This has been resolved.
  • Montana – Calculation fix pushed when claiming the pension exclusion for a Married Filing Joint and both spouses have retirement income.
    • W-2 income not previously carrying to Schedule IV. This is now resolved.
  • New Jersey – Verbiage update made in the “Income Subject to Tax” menu so users know where to exclude qualifying income exempt from NJ tax.
    • Allocated and Unreported Tips entered in the W-2 were not carrying to NJ-1040, line 14. This has been resolved
  • Oregon – For the Federal Pension Subtraction, an entry field was added to carry specifically to the Oregon column. This is in addition to the Federal column entry already listed in the state return menu.
  • Rhode Island – W-2 entry in box 14 for RI-TDI is now included in the MA Schedule OJC calculation for Taxes Paid to Other States or Jurisdictions.
  • Vermont – Voluntary Contribution entries were misaligned in the code so they were carrying to the wrong line in the PDF. This has been corrected
    • Form IN-152 in the PDF reflected 2015. Has been updated to 2016
    • Form IN-144 in the PDF reflected 2016 on the Estimated Payment Vouchers. This has been updated to reflect 2017.
    • Within the Form HI-144 entry menu, we added a field for the user to adjust the SS and Medicare tax we already carry in to Line O

Changes to States


The following changes have been made to the state

  • Colorado
    • Added a 2nd Contribution Account Holder for Tuition Program Contributions
  • Illinois
    • IL Amended return:  Corrected line 10c if the taxpayer is over 65
    • IL Amended Return:  Property tax entered on Sch ICR, Line 5 now flows to Line 17
  • Indiana
    • Removed the ability to enter special characters in the Indiana Basic Information section that was generating state validation errors
  • Kansas
    • Changed wording on the K-40H to reflect the appropriate way to enter percentages for the Homestead Exemption to prevent state validation errors
      • Percent of Rent or Business Use (For example: 85.99% would be entered as 08599)
  • Maryland
    • Made corrections on the 502X line 4 to reflect the appropriate amount entered under subtractions from income rather than adding to the existing line.
  • Michigan
    • Added an e-file block for the tax scenario when claiming MI standard deduction and Senior dividend/interest deduction as the unremarried surviving spouse due to the specific situation not being supported electronically by the state
    • Made a print correction to CF-1040 for Lansing to reflect correct as 16MI-LNS-1040-1
  • Oregon
    • Returns receiving the following validation error can now be resent:
      • The ‘’ element is invalid – The value ‘801’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘’ – The Enumeration constraint failed.
  • Wisconsin
    • Added the following entries if Head of Household and married

  • Wisconsin
    • Eligible veterans and surviving spouses property tax credit is now pulling correctly to WI Form 1 line 46
    • Section 3 of the WI Homestead Return is now calculating reduced rent for taxpayers who receive Wisconsin Works payments
    • WI Schedule H credit has been corrected for Line 19
    • Corrected the calculation for the allowable EDVest contribution when the taxpayer has carryover contributions from a prior year without having to enter $1 for current year contribution
    • Added an adjustment line for additional calculations for WI Schedule H line 9d Pensions and Annuities
    • WI Schedule 2440W now populates from the number of weeks with disability payments of at least $100 entered on the Schedule 2440W input screen
    • WI Schedule 2440W now populates the name of disabled person on the Physician’s Statement
    • WI Form 1 standard deduction now calculates at $13,260 rather than $13,271
    • Changed the wording on WI Form 1 Additions to Income to reflect “Capital Investment Credit”
    • WI Form 1; added Addition Number 20 ABLE Accounts to the drop down menu
    • WI Form 1:  Added Subtraction Number 20 ABLE Accounts to the drop down menu
  • Missouri
    • Made a correction to allow the subtraction of Tier 2 from the Private Pensions
    • Added a new entry for Tier 1 RRB to allow for the adjustment of Taxable SSA on the MOA for the pension exclusion
  • New York
    • Added a new line to subtract spouse wages from NY income for wages that qualify for the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
  • West Virginia
    • Added the ability to enter alpha numeric entries on the WV Senior Citizen Tax Credit Menu


Blog Posted 03/10/2017     12:51 PM

State Changes now in Production

The following changes have been pushed to production:

  • Negative values are no longer allowed to be entered in Additions to Income and Subtractions from Income for the following States:
    • Colorado
    • Georgia
    • Kansas
    • Michigan
    • Nebraska
    • Wisconsin
  • Maryland returns that were rejected for MD Form5052-01450-011 can be transmitted again
  • Michigan Nonresident Income Allocation is now carrying to Column B
  • South Carolina returns with the following validation error can be transmitted again
    • The ‘’ element is invalid – The value ‘-6907’ is invalid according to its datatype ‘’ – Value ‘-6907’ was either too large or too small for NonNegativeInteger.
  • Vermont returns that were getting a validation error in the e-file section when a date of death is present for the TP or SP can now create the e-files and submit the returns
  • New Jersey – -Cancellation of Debt reported on the Federal return is no longer carrying to the NJ return
  • Ohio SD-100 School District Code — Added Riverside – Lake
  • Utah — Added the ability to enter TC-675R UT Mineral Production Payments

  • West Virginia — Added the WV-8379

Blog Posted 03/03/2017       10:04 AM

New York Reject R0173 — Updated Information

Update 03/03/2017:  You can NOW resend any of your rejected NY returns that have the state return type of ‘Electronic State Balance Due

Update 02/28/2017:  The resolution for this is now in production.  You can resend your rejected NY returns as long as they do not have the state return type of “Electronic State Balance Due“.  You will need to hold these until we resolve the issue with the e-file error.

Note:  Since the Federal return has been accepted,  you will need to do the following:

(1) Select Send State Only

(2) The Federal Return Type must be something other than paper (see example below)

(3) Close the warning dialog that the federal return will not be sent

(4) Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal

(5)  New:  You must use the Save and Transmit to the IRS button to send the State Only Return.

Update 02/27/2017:  We have a solution for this in testing.

Pro Online: How do I e-file the state with no Federal Filing Requirement?

Scenario:  I have prepared the return.  The taxpayer has no federal filing requirement, but they have a state credit.

Steps to take on the E-file Page:

(1) Select Send State Only

(2) Change the Federal Return Type to:  Mail Payment

(3) Close the warning dialog that the federal return will not be sent

(4) Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal.

Blog Posted 02/07/2017  4:13 PM Eastern

Submission Page Error when Selecting Send State Only — Resolved

Update:  This has been resolved, you can now send your states as “Send State Only” with the state return type of:  Electronic State Balance Due

Scenario:  You are selecting “Send State Only” and have the state return type of “Electronic State Balance Due” and receive the following error “You have marked this return as state only, but no states as are marked as electronic”

Recommendation:  We are working on a solution.  Hold these returns until we deliver the solution.  You may also want to use a return tag to easily identify the returns that will need to be sent.

Blog posted 02/25/2017    10:42 AM EST

Pro Online: How do I e-file my state after my Federal return has been accepted?

(1) Select Send State Only

(2) The Federal Return Type must be something other than paper (see example below)

(3) Close the warning dialog that the federal return will not be sent

(4) Complete the rest of the E-file and submission page as normal

(5)  New:  You must use the Save and Transmit to the IRS button to send the State Only Return.

Blog Posted 02/10/2017   7:51 AM EST

MA Reject F1-0046 or FNRPY-0046

We received the following information from Massachusetts:

If you have received either of the following rejects:



Please resubmit the returns after 9pm on 02/27/2017, thanks.

Blog Posted 02/28/2017            11:15 Am