Pro Online: Activate/Inactivate Users

Instructions for Deactivating Users/Preparers

Click the checkbox next to the User/Preparer that needs to be deactivated.

Q:  Can the site administrator still access the returns prepared by a user marked as inactive?

A:  Yes, as long as the site administrator has the ability to see all returns


If you need to change a Preparer/user from inactive to Active, change the status dropdown to Inactive and click the box next to the Preparer/User that needs to be activated


Users that have been deactivated will receive the following message when they attempt to login to the Pro Online application (applies to all years since they use the same URL)


Blog Posted 06/19/2017

TaxSlayer Pro Online – Delivered Updates/Fixes – May 11th

The below items were either enhancements or fixes pushed live today.

  • Form 1099-R – An enhancement has been implemented to improve user experience when needing to indicate the PSO exclusion but not needing the Simplified General Rule Worksheet to determine taxable retirement income received. Previously, you had to manually enter the taxable amount after already taking out the applicable PSO exclusion and then navigate to a separate menu (Nontaxable distributions) to mark the PSO indicator on the PDF. The screenshots below now highlight the much easier method to indicate the PSO exclusion.
  • LT Care Premiums – If an SSN was changed for the TP/Spouse in Basic Information after LTC had been reported in the Itemized menu, the updated SSN would not automatically within the LTC entries. This has been corrected.
  • We enabled the “Enter” key on the keyboard to move the program forward when on the “Continue” button. This allows for easier navigation if you prefer to not use a mouse or finger pad to “point and click”.
  • Rhode Island – Column C was not populating on the amended return PDF for 2015. This has been corrected.
  • Arizona – Option to indicate a taxpayer was incarcerated added to the credits menu to disallow certain credits from being calculated (Excise Tax Credit).
  • Minnesota – Updated referenced line numbers within the state amended menu(s).
  • West Virginia – Schedule F (Statement of Claimant to Refund) has been added to the Miscellanoues Forms menu.
  • Direct Debit – When setting up Direct Debit in E-file, the phone number listed in Basic Information auto-populates within the Debit Phone Number field to eliminate re-entry.
  • Security Templates – The security roles of “Deleting Scanned Documents” and “Deleting Return Notes” have been added as options when creating security templates at your site(s).
  • Notes – When adding Preparer Notes to a return, they are now time-stamped by date, time, and individual. You will see the below information when opening the preparer note after initially saving.

Pro Online: Rejected Clients List

Introducing the Rejected Clients List feature.  This feature is now available in your Production sites.

The feature renders a list of your rejected returns, along with the reject code for each applicable tax year.

  • Select the Rejected Clients button

  • View the list of rejected returns.  The example below is for the default 2016

  • Selecting the reject code gives you the reject definition.  It does NOT give  you the specific entry that is rejected at this point.  For example, it would not give you the specific dependents SSN.  However, printing your IRS Acknowledgements to HTML will give you the rejected Data Value

  • Click Select to open and correct the rejected return.

Prior Year 2015 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2015 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2015

Prior Year 2014 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2014 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2014

Blog Posted 05/11/2017       2:06 PM EST

E-file Message: Must have a Valid PTIN/SIDN

Scenario:  You receive the following message on the Submission page in the E-file section:

0124 need a valid PTIN message

Solution: Each preparer must have a SIDN assigned to their username.  Navigate to Configuration>>Preparer Menu

Select Edit for each preparer

Click the Pull from Office Link underneath the PTIN or SIDN field

Date Entry Only, no PTIN Required should NOT be selected

Below is an example of a Preparer Setup that will generate the above error.

0124 must enter PTIN

Blog Posted 01/24/2017  3:54 PM EST


Form 982: Display Issue Inside TaxSlayer Pro Online — RESOLVED 01/31

Update:  This was resolved in an update delivery on 01/31

Within the 982 entry menu for TaxSlayer Pro Online, Line 10a is shown twice as shown below. This is simply a display issue we are working to resolve. The second Line 10a field is for Line 10b (Applied to reduce the basis of your principal residence). Your entry on the second Line 10a will carry to Line 10b on the 982. We do apologize for this display issue.


Pro Online: Save and Exit Returns Options

The following examples are ways you can Save and Exit a return

Save and Exit in the left navigation men while working in a return section


Your Office from the menu drop down while in Summary/Print


Save and Exit Return from the Submission page in the e-file section



Blog Posted 01/21/2017  12:53 PM EST

Peer to Peer Review Security Template Example

The following Security Template is an example of how to use the built-in review process to mark returns ready for review and either approved or failed in a site that uses a peer review process.


How would I use this Template?

The following is meant to be an example of how this template could be used at the preparer level:

(1) Preparer ABC creates and completes the return

(2) Preparer ABC marks the return ready for Review and then Selects Save and Exit Return


(3) This changes the status to Review Pending.  Preparer ABC turns the return over to Preparer XYZ


(4) Preparer XYZ opens the return and conducts their review based on the procedures established by the site.  When they are through and the return is ready for the next step, they mark the return Approved and Complete


(5) The status is now complete and ready to submit to the Processing Center


Blog Posted 01/20/2017   1:32 PM EST


Entering The W-2 Verification Code

Question:  How do I enter the W-2 Verification Code?

Answer:  Enter it as it appears on the W-2 with the exception of the hyphens

Question:  Will the IRS Reject my return if it does not contain the hyphens

Answer:  No, the IRS e-file schema does not allow the hyphens to be inserted into the e-file.  The hyphens are on the W-2 to make it easier to read and enter the 16 digit code

Question:  Will the IRS reject my return if I forgot to enter the verification code

Answer:  No


Blog Posted 01/20/2017  9:35 AM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: Error saving W-2 with Foreign Address

Scenario:  Prepare a return with a foreign address in Basic Information and a foreign address for the “Payer” on the W-2

Result:  Receive an error when clicking Continue on the W2 that a give digit zip cod is required

Workaround:  While not ideal, you can change the address in Basic Info to a stateside address until the W-2s have been completed and then change it back.

Solution:  This will be resolved in a future update

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: State & Local Refund Worksheet

The ability to add the prior year state income tax withholding and the prior year general sales tax deduction is now available

Note:  We will be adding verbiage updates to allow for better on screen guidance for the preparers.


Blog Posted 01/18/2017  3;32 PM EST