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Sporadic Print Error Messages — Resolved with Friday Update

3/24:  Resolved with morning update


Updated Information:  We have determined why you are receiving sporadic errors when printing from the client list or from the Submission page in e-file.  We have made the correction and will deliver the solution in the morning at 6 AM as to not disrupt service during the day.  This will also fix the issue with the custom print sets not printing the expected pages.  We recommend that you use the print option from Summary/Print until we push the release to production.


Updated Information:  We have determined why the error is being generated when you print from the Client list.  We are working on a solution.  You can print the return from Summary/Print page until a resolution can be deployed.

We are getting reports of sporadic errors printing returns.  If you receive the error inside the return, try printing it from the client list and vice versa.  Our engineers are researching to determine why the error is being generated.

Blog Posted 03/23/2017     9:07 AM

Pro Online 2014 — Resolved

Updated Information:  You can now open existing returns and create new returns in Pro Online 2014

The returns for Pro Online 2014 are currently in isolation mode which is displaying a login page.  This is impacting existing 2014 returns and creating new 2014 returns.

Our development team is looking into this.

Blog Posted 03/20/2017        11:29 AM EST


Pro Online 2013 — Taxpayer name not displaying

Scenario:  The taxpayer name is not displaying for returns prepared using Pro Online 2013

Resolution.  We are currently researching this.  You can find the the taxpayer by SSN

Blog Posted 02/04/2017   1:00 PM Eastern