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Pro Online: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode at 5:00 to deliver an update to the 1040X

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on Friday, March 24th at 6:00 AM for 15 minutes to deploy the fix for the sporadic print errors and custom print sets not printing as expected.

As a reminder, we strongly recommend you use the print option under Summary/Print until we deploy the solution.

Blog Posted 03/23/2017                 3:48

Custom Print Sets — Instructions to follow if not rendering a PDF

The Quality Review 2016 print set is now rendering a PDF.

If you have created a print set that is not rendering a PDF, please follow these steps:

(1) Select Configuration

(2) Select Print Sets

(3) Edit the print Set

(4) Change the Number of copies to 0 (zero) for the following form

Prior Year Comparison

0131 prior year comparison

Note:  Note you can search for it with Ctrl-F (windows search)

(5) Save the print set

If you have a group login, you can login to the group configuration and follow the above steps.  This will automatically up date the print set for the sites it is assigned to.


Blog Posted 01/31/2017    4:37 PM EST

Pro Online: Print Set Items — Updated

Scenario 1: I have added the following two items to my Print Set and they are not printing data in 2016

  • Cover Page — Resolved now prints
  • Client Form Listing Summary — Resolved now prints

Scenario 2:  I cannot add the following to my Print Set and it is not in the assigned Print Sets

  • Form 8962
  • Form 8965
  • Consents — Increase the number of copies for the client letter

These three items are included in the PDF generated from the Summary/Print page and from the One Federal and One State Print option on the E-file Submission page.

Solution:  We will be resolving this in an update

Blog Posted 01/22/2017 10:35 AM EST


Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: Master Print Sets

The print sets delivered on behalf of the IRS has been modified to include the 1040A and 1040EZ.  The printed 1040 series forms will be reflective of the 1040 form calculated from the data entered by the preparer.

Please review this link to create site level or group level print sets if you want to add to or restrict the forms that are being printed.

Blog Posted 01/09/2017  5:03 PM EST

Practice Lab 2016: Multiple Ways to Print a Return

Question:  If I try to print print from the Summary/Print page and receive a “time out” message, how can I print my return?

Answer:  There are two other alternatives to print the return:

  • Click E-file in the left navigation bar.  Once you have completed the e-file page, you can select a print set option from the Submission page


  • Select the drop down arrow on the Client List and select a Print Set



Blog Posted 1/7/2017  4:05 PM EST


Pro Online/Practice Lab: Printing (Update)


Selecting any print set from either the client list or from the e-file page is not including the 8879 in the PDF .

We are working to resolve this.

Blog Posted 12/21/2016  8:38 AM EST