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Pro Online/Practice Lab: Product Maintenance Alert

We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode on Tuesday, February 21st at 5:00 AM EST for approximately 30 minutes to deliver an update to include the following:

  • Changes to the 20% HSA exemption calculation
  • Changes to make the maintenance page for returns more intuitive when an update is being pushed
  • Adjusting the cap on Social Security withholdings


We will also be putting the site maintenance page up at 6:00 for approximately 15 minutes for an update that includes:

  • e-file reject fixes (Deploy deferred until Wednesday)
  • validation errors that are keeping 2015 returns in transmitted status (Deploy deferred until Wednesday)

Blog Posted 02/20/2017    7:24 PM EST

Weekly Maintenance Alert

Reminder that we will be conducting our Weekly Maintenance on Sunday, February 19th from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM Eastern.

Pro Online/Practice Lab: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the return in maintenance mode on Thursday, February 16 at 5:00 AM EST for approximately 30 minutes to apply updates for the following:

  • Changes in the travel dates on the 1040NR OI
  • Changes to 1040NR Acknowledgements

Blog Posted 02/15/2017                    9;14 AM EST

Changes to ACA

Blog Posted 02/14/2017 —  9:48 AM

Basic Information: Change is Deceased Dates

2017 has been added back to the drop down list of dates when selecting Deceased.

Caution:  When selecting 2017, the return will get rejected if the Social Security Administration does not have the date of Death on file and included in the IRS Master List.


Blog Posted 02/12/2017  9:49 AM EST


Pro Online: New Entry on W-2 (Medicaid Waiver Exclusion)

We have added the following to the w-2

This will automatically deduct the appropriate amount on line 21 (see example below)

This will automatically deduct the Medicare Waiver Payment from EITC appropriately


These payments are called In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) in California.

Blog Posted 02/12/2017   8:31 AM


Weekly Maintenance Reminder

Reminder:  The site will be unavailable during our Weekly Maintenance Window of Sunday from 1 AM – 7 AM EST.

This includes both Pro Online and the Practice Lab


Blog Posted 02/09/2017   6:07 AM

Pro Online/Practice Lab; Product Update Alert

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode at 5 AM to make an application update.  This will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

  • Fees Charged report no longer displays full SSN
  • MD – Military Subtraction now carries Code U from 502U to the 502
  • MD – Form 502UP now lets user enter payments per period and does not spread payments evenly throughout year
  • PA – Entry added to PA Additions to Income menu to add back PA Exempt Dividends
  • AZ – Added Form 340 for Donations to Military Family Relief Fund
  • NC: Explanation of Changes added to NC amended menu
  • NM: Within Additions to income, you can now allocate income on the PIT-B to carry to the NM column
  • NM: Within Additions to income, you can allocate Non-resident military wages to Column B of PIT-B
  • UT: Verbiage update to reflect correct birthdate to claim Retirement Tax Credit.
  • OH: Verbiage update for Unreimbursed LTCP menu


Blog Posted 2/7/2017   9:15 PM

Pro Online/Practice Lab: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the return in maintenance mode beginning at 5:00 AM to perform a series of updates.  This will take approximately 30 minutes.  The updates include changes to:

  • Affordability calculations
  • Changes to other Capital Gains
  • Various State changes

Blog Posted 02/05/2017   9:43 PM EST


Pro Online: Federal/State Refund Display

We are in the process of turning off the Federal and State Refund display on the top toolbar.


This does not impact the ability to prepare or Quality Review the tax return.

Blog Posted 02/02/2017     12:05 PM EST