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Time to Change your Password?

The application will start reminding you that it is time to change  your password 10 days from password expiration every time you login.

It will continue to countdown each day until you reset your password

Select Reset Password Now

Enter and verify your new password

Select Submit.  The program will prompt you that your password has been changed.

You can login with your new password

Blog Posted 03/24/2017                         7:25 AM


Pro Online: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode at 5:00 to deliver an update to the 1040X

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on Friday, March 24th at 6:00 AM for 15 minutes to deploy the fix for the sporadic print errors and custom print sets not printing as expected.

As a reminder, we strongly recommend you use the print option under Summary/Print until we deploy the solution.

Blog Posted 03/23/2017                 3:48

Sporadic Print Error Messages — Resolved with Friday Update

3/24:  Resolved with morning update


Updated Information:  We have determined why you are receiving sporadic errors when printing from the client list or from the Submission page in e-file.  We have made the correction and will deliver the solution in the morning at 6 AM as to not disrupt service during the day.  This will also fix the issue with the custom print sets not printing the expected pages.  We recommend that you use the print option from Summary/Print until we push the release to production.


Updated Information:  We have determined why the error is being generated when you print from the Client list.  We are working on a solution.  You can print the return from Summary/Print page until a resolution can be deployed.

We are getting reports of sporadic errors printing returns.  If you receive the error inside the return, try printing it from the client list and vice versa.  Our engineers are researching to determine why the error is being generated.

Blog Posted 03/23/2017     9:07 AM

ACA – Instructions for identifying which Scenario your returns falls into

Scenario 1: If the return was filed between 3/9/2017 7 AM and 3/10/2017 5 AM the return is on the list because SRP was not calculated in the return and if you had a 1095A in the return, the 8962 was not calculated in the return.

Scenario 2:  If the return was filed after 3/10/2017 5 AM, the return calculated correctly and printed correctly for the taxpayer, however, SRP and/or excess APTC was excluded when the e-file was created.  This sent the wrong refund/balance due to the IRS.

Review blog post on identifying the returns and running the Problem Returns Report

Review the return by doing the following:

(1) Locate the return in your returns list

(2) Select Tools

(3) Select Client List

(4) Look at the date when the return was electronically filed

Note:  The above return falls into Scenario 2 because it was filed on 3/11

In this particular scenario, $977 was sent to the IRS in the e-file because it went through the e-file server that was not calculating ACA

In this particular scenario the difference is the $80 Excess APTC that was not included in the e-file


Blog posted 03/23/2017              6:34 AM

ACA – Instructions for identifying Potential Returns impacted by Calculation Error

(1) Login as a user that can run reports

(2) Click Select on Reports

(3) Click Select on Management Reports

(4) Click Problem Returns Report

(5) Click EFIN selection

(6) You must select the EFIN (even though there is only one EFIN listed)

(7) Click Run Report

Note:  If there are NO potential returns the report will be blank

If there are potential returns prepared at your site, it will include the following information

  • EFIN
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • First Name
  • Refund at the time the return was filed
  • Balance Due at the time the return was filed

Note:  If your site has prepared under 999 returns, you can search by last 4.

Note:  If your site has prepared over 999 returns, you will have to first by first name and compare the last 4 to your list

Blog posted 03/23/2017              6:25 AM EST

ACA Calculation Issues — Message from IRS

Background Scenario 1:   On Thursday, March 9 (7am) through Friday, March 10 (5am), TaxSlayer identified that the software was generating calculation errors in the section of ACA.  Issues identified by TaxSlayer were as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) was not calculating.
  • Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC) was not calculating the PTC Claim and Reconciliation of Advance Payment of PTC properly.

 Background Scenario 2:  On Friday, March 10 (5am) through Thursday, March 16 (10:30am), TaxSlayer identified that a specific e-file server was extracting ACA information that was included on returns when they were e-filed. Issues identified by TaxSlayer were as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) was calculating in the return, but not being included in the e-file.
  • Excess advance payments of the premium tax credit (APTC) was calculating in the return, but not being included in the e-file.

Information:  TaxSlayer determined the number of returns potentially impacted during this time period:

  • 116 returns were identified as those potentially impacted by SRP.
    • This is based on any member of the household having at least 1 month where they were not covered by insurance and there is no exemption.
  • 2,328 returns were identified where the taxpayer purchased insurance from the marketplace and the preparer entered a Form1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement.
    • This does not necessarily mean the refund/balance due was impacted, it could simply mean the reconciliation with the Form 8962 did not go in the e-file.
      • This could result in the taxpayer receiving a notice from IRS requesting a copy of the Form 1095-A
  • 2,279 returns were identified that went through the specific e-file server.
    • This does not necessarily mean the refund/balance due was impacted, but the return needs to be reviewed to ensure the refund/balance due in the return is the same that went up in the e-file.
    • 900 of these were rejected for IRS Reject FPY-089. Verify that you do not have any outstanding rejects.
      • This reject code occurred when the return calculated correctly and printed correctly for the taxpayer, however, SRP and/or excess APTC was excluded when the e-file was created.

Action: TaxSlayer developed a management report within the software titled “Problem Returns Report”.  (See attached instructions)  Sites can review this report to determine if there were returns prepared that may have the calculation errors.  Sites can then decide how they wish to handle those returns to provide any additional assistance to the taxpayer.

In the rare event, the calculation error results in a balance due for the taxpayer, TaxSlayer will be providing a letter that sites can share.  It can be used as an explanation to waive any interest and/or penalties associated with the balance due.

Contact:  We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.   If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact any member of the TaxSlayer Transition Team.


Blog Posted 03/23/2017              6:10 AM


1040NR – Subtraction from Wage Line Entry — Phase II

We delivered Phase II to complete the addition of the Subtraction from Wage Line Entry.

Enter your W-2 (Example below has 9,000 in Box )

Enter you Treaty Information for Schedule OI

Enter any exemption amount that should be reduced from the Wage Line:

The application will now do that math for you and reflect the information on the Summary/Print page and the PDF

Returns that need to subtract the treaty amount from the wage line must be paper filed this year.  We will display an e-file error preventing the return from being filed electronically to prevent an IRS reject.

Blog Posted 03/22/2017   8:28 AM

IRS Reject 202 — Options for resending

If you have any outstanding Reject 202 returns, you can resend them.  There are two ways to resend these returns:

(1) Select and resend them all at one time by going to:

  • Transmissions
  • Selecting Add Returns
  • Select the returns that were rejected for 202
  • Send to the IRS

Note:  You do not have to open the return prior to sending it again.

(2) You can open the returns and send them from inside the return, if you want to verify anything prior to sending them.

Blog Posted 03/22/2017     7:47 AM EST



1040NR — New Field added to Schedule OI

We delivered Phase I of a new field that will allow the preparer to enter the amount of treaty exemption that should be deducted from the wage line.

Where is the new field located?

Basic Information >> 1040NR Schedule OI>>Schedule OI General Information

What does Phase I mean?

This means that we have delivered the entry form.  Phase II will be to add the mapping and calculations behind it to subtract the amount entered from the wage line

When will Phase II be delivered?

The mapping and calculation changes are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, March 22nd.

How will I know when Phase II  has been delivered?

We will update the blog when Phase II is delivered.  You will also see a difference on the Summary/print page where the AGI reflects the subtraction from the wages line.

Can I electronically file the return if I enter an amount that reduces the wages?

No.  The IRS system for accepting the 1040NR is new for this tax season.  It currently does not allow returns that have wages reduced to be electronically filed.  This is something that will be considered for TY2017.

How does this impact my state return?

Using this field, will allow full amount entered in the W-2 box 1 to flow to the state for calculation purposes.

Can I edit my state return?

No, you cannot edit the state return to make any additions or subtractions from the state.  We are looking to add this functionality for TY 2017.


Blog Posted 03/21/2017                 8:45 AM EST

Pro Online 2014 — Resolved

Updated Information:  You can now open existing returns and create new returns in Pro Online 2014

The returns for Pro Online 2014 are currently in isolation mode which is displaying a login page.  This is impacting existing 2014 returns and creating new 2014 returns.

Our development team is looking into this.

Blog Posted 03/20/2017        11:29 AM EST