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Pro Online: Rejected Clients List

Introducing the Rejected Clients List feature.  This feature is now available in your Production sites.

The feature renders a list of your rejected returns, along with the reject code for each applicable tax year.

  • Select the Rejected Clients button

  • View the list of rejected returns.  The example below is for the default 2016

  • Selecting the reject code gives you the reject definition.  It does NOT give  you the specific entry that is rejected at this point.  For example, it would not give you the specific dependents SSN.  However, printing your IRS Acknowledgements to HTML will give you the rejected Data Value

  • Click Select to open and correct the rejected return.

Prior Year 2015 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2015 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2015

Prior Year 2014 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2014 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2014

Blog Posted 05/11/2017       2:06 PM EST

Maintenance Alert — Monday, May 1st

The site will be placed in maintenance mode on this afternoon (Monday, May 1st) from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Eastern Time).

Blog posted 05/01/2017  10:26 AM EST

VA Reject 760-030 (RESOLVED)

4/24/2017 – 1:49am EDT

The issue behind VA Reject Code 760-030 has been resolved. At this time, you can resubmit your impacted VA state returns. To resubmit, go into each impacted return and submit from the Submission page of E-file. Be sure to mark the return as “State-Only” if their Federal return was previously accepted.

4/21/2017 – 8:12am EDT

We are still working on the solution that will allow you to resubmit returns rejected for VA 760-030.

Illinois Acks

We received the following information from Illinois:

They are working a backlog of returns waiting to go through their ACK program.  Returns and payments that have been submitted on time will be considered timely.  We will handle any rejected returns with payments as exception items.


Blog posted 04/18/2017  11:23 am EST

1040NR Validation error: AppLawfulPermanentResidentInd

If your 1040NR return is still in the status of “Transmitted” make sure you run your Validations Errors and Old Validation Errors Report.

For this particular validation error, there are a couple of things for you to look at:

  • Navigate to the Schedule OI and make sure a country has been entered for the Citizenship country and the foreign tax residence country
  • Navigate to the Schedule OI and make sure the VISA type has been completed


Blog Posted 04/17/2017   9:31 AM ESt


Tax season Closeout: Validation Errors Report

As you prepare to close out for the season, we recommend that you run your Validation Errors and Old Validation Errors report to make sure there are no outstanding federal or state returns that failed secondary validation.  You can also run the Electronic Filing Summary Report located under Management Reports.  This will identify any returns that are still in the transmitted status for both federal and state(s)

0124 validation errors report

This will be a listing of returns that did not pass the secondary validation at the Processing Center.

0124 validation screen

You have the option of  printing to HTML or PDF and exporting to a CSV or Excel File,  Most of the error messages will have a helpful tip as how to make the correction.




Blog posted 04/14/2017  9:30 AM EST

Pro Online: Closeout Procedures

For post filing season security, all users other than Admin, should be made inactive.  This will ensure no returns are being prepared off-season when the site is closed.

NOTE: As in the past, if you delete or deactivate returns on your site; you will not have carryforward data for those deleted or deactivated taxpayer returns next filing season.

TaxSlayer Online Closeout Procedures:

  1. Do not delete or inactivate any returns if carryforward tax return data is desired for the next filing season
  2. The TaxSlayer server will secure all data and make return carryforward data is year available for filing season 2018
  3. From the Preparer(s) Menu in Configuration, the site administrator or any user with a security template that has Add/Edit Preparers permissions has the ability to quickly activate or deactivate a preparer
  4. Select the volunteers you wish to deactivate while the site is close
  5. Ensure the ADMIN user is still active, prior to logging off

NOTE: Using “Flip Active Status” will deactivate all users including the ADMIN

 For additional guidance, follow the procedures outlined on the VITA/TCE Blog for making preparers Active/Inactive using TaxSlayer Pro Online.

IRS Computer Depot Laptops:

Follow the procedures in Publication 4473, IRS Computer Loan Program – Welcome Package, for additional guidance on “Deletion of Software on IRS Computers”.  Whether using the TaxSlayer Online or Desktop product on IRS loaned computers, it is imperative to use the “disk wipe” procedure outlined Publication 4473, prior to returning the laptop to the Computer Depot.  In addition the TaxSlayer software and taxpayer data on non-IRS loaned computers, provided by sites or personal, should be wiped of taxpayer data after the site closes.

Client List: Filtering by Return Tag – Resolved

Update 3/31:  This has been resolved.   You can now filter by return tag

3/24/17 – 8:30am – We have received reports that filtering your Client List by Return Tags at the sites is not yielding any results. This has been reported and is being actively worked. We will provide updates as they become available.


Blog Posted 03/31/2017      7:43 AM EST

Time to Change your Password?

The application will start reminding you that it is time to change  your password 10 days from password expiration every time you login.

It will continue to countdown each day until you reset your password

Select Reset Password Now

Enter and verify your new password

Select Submit.  The program will prompt you that your password has been changed.

You can login with your new password

Blog Posted 03/24/2017                         7:25 AM


Pro Online: Product Update Alert

We will be putting the returns in maintenance mode at 5:00 to deliver an update to the 1040X

We will be putting the site in maintenance mode on Friday, March 24th at 6:00 AM for 15 minutes to deploy the fix for the sporadic print errors and custom print sets not printing as expected.

As a reminder, we strongly recommend you use the print option under Summary/Print until we deploy the solution.

Blog Posted 03/23/2017                 3:48