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Management Reports — Site Production Detail Report

We made a change that now allows the report to reflect the appropriate amounts for EITC, Additional CTC, and CTC for returns that were displaying overstated values.

Blog Posted 03/14/2017    9:25 AM EST

Pro Online: Changes to Reports

The following changes were made to reports:

  • Accepted Returns report
    • No longer shows duplicate rows for filing status of MFJ
    • Added a column for Return Tags
  • Rejected Returns report
    • Added a column for Return Tags
  • Return Questions Report
    • Now displays SSN Last 4 and Last Name
  • Custom Credit Report
    • Now displays SSN Last 4 and Last Name
  • Management Report: Site Production State Summary Report
    • Added SSN Last 4
  • Management Report:  Site Production Detail Report
    • Removed Balance Due from the Refund policy
    • Education Credit is now showing both non-refundable and refundable portions
    • Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit now displays in their respective columns
  • Returns not Transmitted Report
    • Now exports the Preparer’s Name
  • Returns Awaiting Acknowledgement
    • The date ranges are now working

Blog Posted 03/08/2017                        12:14PM


Returns Awaiting Acknowledgement Report

List of returns with an outstanding federal and/or state acknowledgement.

(1) Select Reports

(2) Select Management Reports.  This will pop up in a separate window.  Allow this in your pop-up blocker

(3) Select Returns Awaiting Acknowledgements

(4) Defaults to 2016.  Change default date range if applicable

(5) Select EFIN Selection and select the EFIN (even if only 1)

(6) Select Run Report or Run Report for Export

Note:  Run Report for export will display a few lines of the report on the screen

(7) Review the report

Sort the columns

At this point, you can export the report to a CSV file or select Web Reports from the upper left corner to run additional reports.

Blog Posted 02/05/2017   9:12 PM Eastern

Username Report

The Username report allows the site administrator the ability to run a report of the users that have been created a the site.  The username will report display the following information

  • Username
  • Full Name = Name of the preparer as entered in the Preparer Menu
  • Security Template = Displays the Security Template assigned to the user
  • Office Name = Displays the site the user belongs to if you are a multi-site administrator and have access to group reports by using a Relational EFIN.


The report will be available when the TaxSlayer 2016 software is delivered.