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Federal Reject Code IND-202 — Updated Information

Update:  You can now resend these returns.  Open each return (no changes required) and then you can either send from the Submission page or Add them to your Transmission page.

We are receiving reports of returns being rejected for Federal Reject Code IND-202 – ‘VendorControlNum’ in ‘FilinSecurityInformation’ in the Return Header must have a value.

Our development team is currently looking into this reject code. At this time there is no additional action on your end. We will provide updates to this blog as information becomes available.

Blog Posted 03/17/2017      7:37 AM EST

Oklahoma E-files — RESOLVED

Update:  You can now create e-files for your Oklahoma returns

Update:  We will be pushing a calculation change to resolve this on Saturday morning.  This will NOT require the returns to be put in maintenance mode.

We are aware of an issue that is restricting Oklahoma returns from being e-filed. We are currently working to resolve and will update this blog post once resolved.

CA E-files — Resolved

Update:  We are now sending e-files to CA, receiving and processing CA acks

We are currently holding the CA e-files you have submitted to us.  We are working to resolve a technical issue that will allow us to transmit the returns to the state.  You can continue to submit e-files to us during this process.


Blog posted 01/25/2017 4:21 PM EST

Pro Online: State Validation Page (erroneous display) — RESOLVED

Several states are displaying an erroneous message that the state is not approved for electronic filing.  All states are approved for electronic filing.  Click Continue through this page (unless it is a different validation error). The state will be transmitted with the federal return.

The example below is for Indiana.

0125 state validation error

Blog Posted 01/25/2017   2:38 PM EST

Form 982: Display Issue Inside TaxSlayer Pro Online — RESOLVED 01/31

Update:  This was resolved in an update delivery on 01/31

Within the 982 entry menu for TaxSlayer Pro Online, Line 10a is shown twice as shown below. This is simply a display issue we are working to resolve. The second Line 10a field is for Line 10b (Applied to reduce the basis of your principal residence). Your entry on the second Line 10a will carry to Line 10b on the 982. We do apologize for this display issue.


Pro Online: W2 Display issue with ITIN returns — Resolved

Updated 1/25 — The print display has been resolved.  The ITIN SSN now prints on the W2

Updated 01/24 — The ITIN SSN now stays in the return when you edit it.   The Print Display on the printed W-2 is still an issue.

Scenario:  Prepare a return with an ITIN for the taxpayer and/or spouse.  Enter the SSN that appears on the W-2 and click Continue.

0122 ITIN W2

Problem:  When I edit the W-2 the ITIN SSN is blank and I have to rekey it

Solution:  We will resolve this in an update to allow the ITIN SSN to stay on the entry form.

Note:  The ITIN SSN will be inserted into the e-file appropriately it is on the entry form when you click Continue

Print Display:  The printed copy of the W-2 shows the ITIN entered in basic info rather than the ITIN SSN entered on the W-2.  This is a display issue and does not impact the filing of the return.

Blog Posted 01/27/2017  10:28 AM EST

1040 View: Misaligned Items – Resolved

Updated 1/12/2017  6:45 PM EST — Resolved

There are some misaligned items on the 1040 view.  When you click the links, they do take you to the appropriate entry forms.   The PDF also generates the correct data aligned properly

Below is an example of the issue0111-1040-view-misalignment

We are working to resolve

Practice Lab 2016: ACA Months Insured Error — RESOLVED

Updated 12/12/2016 7:00 AM — Resolved


Scenario:  Select No that to the question “Was your entire household insured for all 12 months of 2016?” and select a number less than 12.


When you click Continue, you receive the following error message page.  Click Log Back In to return to the Practice Lab Welcome page.



Solution: We will release an update to resolve the error.

Pro Online: Change Password on First Login — RESOLVED

Update:  12/9/2016 6:16 AM EST — Resolved

Note:  This does not impact Practice Lab Users

Each user that is created at a site is required to change their password on initial login.  Due to some new security changes we deployed this morning, the created users at the site level will receive the following error Invalid Username  when trying to change their password at first login:



Solution: We are making a change and will deploy an update to the application

Workaround:  Click the Forgot Password link from the Pro Online login page


(2) Enter the username and Click Continue


(3) Answer the security question (for first login, this should be provided with your default login credentials from  your site administrator) and click Continue


(4) Enter and verify new password and click Continue


(5) click Home


(6)  Login with your username, new password and the security code given to you by your Site Administrator


Posted 12/8/2016  1:55 PM EST


Practice Lab 2016: Other Adjustments

Other Adjustments is now visible


Posted 12/8/2016  7:50 AM EST