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Pro Online: Office Setup Recommendations

Question:  How should I have my Office Settings so the preparer does not print on the 8879 or on 1040 page 2?

Answer:  Select ERO Name Only from the Signature on Form 8879 drop down box and select Hide preparer Name on 1040 Print

0123 ERO Information

Question:  What does marking Disable Third Party Designee Prefill do?

Answer:  It prevents the preparer information from populating the third party designee information in the e-file section.  The section will remain available in the event a third party other than a volunteer preparer needs to be designated.

Question:  If I select Hide Preparer Name on 1040 print will it also hide the preparer name on the state return?

Answer;  Currently no, but we are working on a solution that will incorporate the use of this option at the state level.  When this feature is completed and in production the state name will not be printed on the state return if this is selected.

Pro Online: Change Password First Login

We have received sporadic reports of users not being prompted to change their password on first login and have identified the following scenarios that will trigger this .

Scenario 1:  The site admin creates the preparer and attempts to login as the preparer to ensure they entered the default password correctly.  They enter the Username, default password, and security code.  They are then presented with the change password screen and click cancel because they know the default password is what they expected it to be.

Scenario 1 Result:  The user is not prompted with the change password screen.

Scenario 2:  The user enters the username, default password, and security code.  They are presented with the the change password screen and either close the browser or click cancel

Scenario 2 Result:  The user is not prompted with the change password screen the next attempt to login.

Solution for changing the password:  

  • Click the Forgot Password link at the Pro Online login page (not the Practice Lab login page)

0122 login page

  • Enter the Username when prompted and click Continue

0122 enter username

  • Enter the answer to the security question when prompted and click Submit (DO NOT click Forgot Answer if you enter an answer)

0122 enter security asnwer

  • Enter and verify password and click Submit

0122 enter password

Blog Posted 01/22/2017  11:04 AM EST


Group Login: Creating and Assigning Questions

The following instructions describe how to create and assign Question Templates:

(1) Login with your Group Login

(2) Click Select on Group Configuration

(3) Select Question Templates

(4) Click on either Create Question Template or Default Question Template

(5) Click Add to create the question and answer bank to assign.  Note:  You cannot re-assign any question templates assigned to your group.


(6) Add Question and Answer Bank


(7) After saving your question(s), click the Back Button to return to the Questions Main Page


(8) Select the site(s) to assign the question(s) to and click Continue


0116 SITE to assign to


Group Login: Assigning Security Templates

(1) Login with your Group Login

(2) Click Select on Group Configuration

(3) Click Select on Security Templates

You will see the security templates setup at the site level for the sites in your group.  It is important to note that you cannot assign these to other locations.

(4) Click Add and create Security Templates under your Group Login

The example below illustrates my SAMPLE GROUP and how it looks when I select security templates.  I have groups that I have created and see two security templates created at site assigned to me.


(5) Click the Assign button for the security Template(s) you have created with your group login.

(6) Select the appropriate sites from the list (I assigned to my instructor site)

0116 SITE to assign to

(7) Click Continue to see the confirmation page

(8) Click Back

Now I am going to login to my instructor site.

Note:  I will not see the assigned template in my list of Security templates under Configuration>>Security Templates.

(1) Login as the “assigned to” site

(2) Select Configuration

(3) Select Preparer Menu

(4) Add or Edit a Preparer

(5) Select the assigned security template from the template list


(6) Select Continue to assign

Note:  The site will be able to see what is enabled via Show Definitions


Blog Posted 01/16/2017  1:59 PM EST


Pro Online: Assigned Custom Credits –Resolved 1/17

We have received several reports of Assigned Custom Credits displaying at your site under Configuration>>Custom Credits.

Note:  If you have a Multi Site or Relational Group Admin Login, please do not assign Custom Credits until further notice.  If you have already assigned custom credits, we would like for you to login and remove the check mark from the assigned locations until we can get this resolved from a programmatic standpoint.

Below is an example of what a site may see.  This list may change over the next few days as we work to resolve the issue:

0113 custom credit


Blog Posted 01/13/2017  3:53 PM EST

Pro Online: Preparer Menu Error (Updated 5:08 PM EST)

Update:  We are still working on a resolution:  This appears to be sporadically impacting users that are creating their Practice Lab Account.


Scenario: Adding a New Preparer and clicking Continue after entering the applicable information.  The application takes longer than normal to load and renders a server error.  Once the error is rendered, the user name is not visible to the site administrator and the site administrator cannot create another user with the same username.

Impact:  We have received two instances of this at two sites this morning.  However, we are seeing users being created at other sites.

Resolution:  This has been escalated to our development team and they are reviewing the error logs.


Blog posted:  01/12/2017  11:42AM EST


Pro Online: Changing the Default Security Code

Question:  What are the requirements for the Security Code?

Answer:  Minimum of three characters

Question:  Are security codes case sensitive?

Answer:  Yes

Note:  Make sure you give the security code to the preparers as part of the login credentials when you set them up as new users or if you change the code after the users have been setup.

Pro Online: Creating Consents – (Updated 1/20)

Update 1/20/2017

  • The required language prints on the form.  This is not something you enter.  You need to enter what you are disclosing and/or using the information for (same as in prior years) and who you are disclosing the information to (same as in prior years)
  • Currently the Consents are only printing in the One Federal and One State print set in the selection list on the E-file submission page.  You can generate the PDF and print these specific pages for the taxpayer’s copy.  We have an open issue ticket to resolve this so they can be added and printed with other print sets.

Navigate to Configuration and click Select on Consent Forms.

Any assigned Consents will be displayed in the Assigned Consent Forms section.  These cannot be edited or reassigned.


Creating a New Consent:

  • Click Add
  • Enter the Consent Form Name.  This is the title that will print at the top of the form
  • Enter a Description:  This is internal to the site in the event that more than 1 Consent is being used
  • Display Disclosure Limits:  If selected allows the preparer to enter any data the taxpayer does not want disclosed.  The tax application does not track this information for reporting purposes
  • Required for E-file:  If this is selected, the taxpayer must accept the terms in order for an e-file to be created.  This is used for the Relational Consents for reporting.
  • Term:  Enter 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years (most of the time this is 1 Year)
  • Definition:  You are most likely going to enter two definitions,  The first definition is going to be who you are disclosing the information to. The 2nd Definition would be used to define the Purpose
  • Click Save when you have completed the Consent.

Below is an example of a Consent to Disclose setup in Configuration


Note:  Selecting the checkmark in the circle saves the Terms and Definitions. You must do this prior to selecting the SAVE button



The Consent will be displayed to the Preparer on the E-file page in the E-file section


Below is an example of the Consent expanded in the e-file Section



Blog Posted 01/08/2017 9:36 AM EST

Desktop: Error updating non-internet Computers

Problem:  Cannot recall the update on computers not connected to the Internet

Solution:  You will need to complete the following steps one time when transferring and recalling the updates on computers without internet access:


  1. Download and install the latest update
  2. Transfer Updates
  3. Copy the following three files from the program root of the updated computer to the disconnected computer (It is the blue highlighted ones in the screenshot)
    • TaxProgram.UpdateUtility.Core.dll
    • TaxProgram.UpdateUtility.exe
    • Tax Program.UpdateUtility.Shared.dll


  1. Open the Program
  2. Recall Updates

Blog Posted 12/29/2016  6:42 AM EST

Pro Online: Pre-defined Security Templates

The following default security templates are available to assign to preparers.


Question:  Can I see the default Security templates under my site Security Template Settings?

Answer:  No.  The default Security Templates and any assigned security templates are displayed for selection when you select the Security Template Drop down menu when during preparer creation in the Preparer Setup.

Note:  Even though the Security Templates have Create Tax Returns enabled, the Start New Tax Return Menu for 2016 will not be enabled until after the conclusion of the Volunteer Driven Stress test.  

Question:  What does each default Security Template Enable?

Answer:  The following screenshots display what each default Security Template Enables:










Click Here to view definitions

Blog Posted 12/27/2016 8:13 AM EST