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Pro Online: Rejected Clients List

Introducing the Rejected Clients List feature.  This feature is now available in your Production sites.

The feature renders a list of your rejected returns, along with the reject code for each applicable tax year.

  • Select the Rejected Clients button

  • View the list of rejected returns.  The example below is for the default 2016

  • Selecting the reject code gives you the reject definition.  It does NOT give  you the specific entry that is rejected at this point.  For example, it would not give you the specific dependents SSN.  However, printing your IRS Acknowledgements to HTML will give you the rejected Data Value

  • Click Select to open and correct the rejected return.

Prior Year 2015 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2015 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2015

Prior Year 2014 Rejects

Change the drop down list to 2014 to see a list of the rejected returns for TY 2014

Blog Posted 05/11/2017       2:06 PM EST

Return Locking: How does it Work? (Updated Information)

Update 02/09 — We have added a new lock release mechanism.  Selecting Save and Exit return from the Submission page in E-file will automatically release the lock:



Return Locking was activated this morning:

The following message will be displayed when a return is locked by another user:


How does return locking work?

(1) The message will be displayed when a return is open by one user and another user tries to open it.

(2) The lock is released when the user closes the return AND opens another return

(3) The lock is released when the user closes the return AND logs out

(4) Once the lock is released by the actions described in (2) and (3) the return is immediately available to another user

What happens if the user closes the return and then just closes the browser rather than logging out?

Users should always use the Log Out button.  If they simply close the browser, the return will be locked until the user actually times out (30 minutes)

Note:  The user MUST close the return and either open another return or log out to release the lock.

Blog Posted 01/31/2017  7:59 PM EST

Pro Online: Efile Message on Submission Page requiring a signature

Scenario:  You receive the following message on the submission page in e-file

0125 signaure required

Solution: Navigate to Configuration>>Office Setup

Remove the check from Require Taxpayer Signature prior to e-file

0125 office setup

Click Continue

Blog Posted 01/25/2017   4:02 PM EST

Pro Online: Save and Exit Returns Options

The following examples are ways you can Save and Exit a return

Save and Exit in the left navigation men while working in a return section


Your Office from the menu drop down while in Summary/Print


Save and Exit Return from the Submission page in the e-file section



Blog Posted 01/21/2017  12:53 PM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: State & Local Refund Worksheet

The ability to add the prior year state income tax withholding and the prior year general sales tax deduction is now available

Note:  We will be adding verbiage updates to allow for better on screen guidance for the preparers.


Blog Posted 01/18/2017  3;32 PM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: Occupation Field in Basic Information

We made a change to make the Taxpayer/Spouse occupation fields on the Basic Information a required entry.  This will prevent you having to go back and add it for the numerous states that require it to pass e-file validation.

0115 occupation required

Blog Posted 01/14/2017  11:33 AM EST


Pro Online: Assigned Custom Credits –Resolved 1/17

We have received several reports of Assigned Custom Credits displaying at your site under Configuration>>Custom Credits.

Note:  If you have a Multi Site or Relational Group Admin Login, please do not assign Custom Credits until further notice.  If you have already assigned custom credits, we would like for you to login and remove the check mark from the assigned locations until we can get this resolved from a programmatic standpoint.

Below is an example of what a site may see.  This list may change over the next few days as we work to resolve the issue:

0113 custom credit


Blog Posted 01/13/2017  3:53 PM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: Interest and Dividends Misalignment (IE)

Impact:  Users access the sites using Internet Explorer

Scenario:  The Interest and Dividends entry pages are misaligned causing a portion of the words to be cut off.

This does not impact the tax calculations based on the information entered.

Interest Entry Page via Internet Explorer (The box numbers are still visible that correspond to the 1099-INT)

01013 Interest Screen

Dividend Entry Page via Internet Explorer (The box numbers are still visible that correspond to the 1099-DIV)

0113 Dividend screen


Blog Posted 01/13/2017 1:51 PM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab: Verbiage Changes on Entry Forms

The following verbiage changes were made to Entry Form to give more guidance and clarity during return prep:

  • Form 8853:  Now reflects Box 1 instead of Box 2

0113 1

  • IRA Deduction:  Verbiage added to assist in reporting excess contributions on Form 5329

0113 2

  • Other Income: Updated descriptions of what types of income can be reported

0113 3

  • Form 1116: On screen guidance of when to complete the full form

0113 4

  • Form 2555:  On screen guidance to report Foreign Earned Income since F2555 excludes income

0113 5

  • SSA-1099:  Added RRB-1099-R Tier 1 to the menu header

0113 6

  • Schedule E Expense: Guidance on land value

0113 7

  • 1099 Description Schedule B: Guidance for where to enter Form 1099-OID

0113 9

  • State Refund Worksheet

0113 10

  • Schedule D Capital Gains Menu: Added Capital Loss Carryover verbiage

0113 11

Blog Posted 01/13/2017  7:35 AM EST

Pro Online/Practice Lab 2016: Form 8965 Exemptions

The exemption list has now been updated to include Code H:  Member of tax household born, adopted or died

0112 8965 exemptions

Blog Posted 01/12/2017  6:55 PM EST