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1040NR — New Field added to Schedule OI

We delivered Phase I of a new field that will allow the preparer to enter the amount of treaty exemption that should be deducted from the wage line.

Where is the new field located?

Basic Information >> 1040NR Schedule OI>>Schedule OI General Information

What does Phase I mean?

This means that we have delivered the entry form.  Phase II will be to add the mapping and calculations behind it to subtract the amount entered from the wage line

When will Phase II be delivered?

The mapping and calculation changes are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, March 22nd.

How will I know when Phase II  has been delivered?

We will update the blog when Phase II is delivered.  You will also see a difference on the Summary/print page where the AGI reflects the subtraction from the wages line.

Can I electronically file the return if I enter an amount that reduces the wages?

No.  The IRS system for accepting the 1040NR is new for this tax season.  It currently does not allow returns that have wages reduced to be electronically filed.  This is something that will be considered for TY2017.

How does this impact my state return?

Using this field, will allow full amount entered in the W-2 box 1 to flow to the state for calculation purposes.

Can I edit my state return?

No, you cannot edit the state return to make any additions or subtractions from the state.  We are looking to add this functionality for TY 2017.


Blog Posted 03/21/2017                 8:45 AM EST

MA Reject F1-0046 or FNRPY-0046

We received the following information from Massachusetts:

If you have received either of the following rejects:



Please resubmit the returns after 9pm on 02/27/2017, thanks.

Blog Posted 02/28/2017            11:15 Am

MA Reject F1-0141 or FNRPY-0141: Information from MA

We received the following notification from the state of MA

If you have received either of the following rejects:



That you believe were rejected in error, please resubmit the returns after 9pm this evening.

Blog posted 02/14/2017   3:24 PM EST

IRS Reject Code 1040A-058-01 — Next Steps

Recommendation:  Verify the Date of Birth in the Personal Information section is correct and between the age range.  If the date of birth is entered correctly the taxpayer needs to contact the Social Security Administration to see what they have on file.  The IRS is seeing a date of birth outside the age range when they are validating the SSN
Blog Posted 02/09/2017      7:17 AM ESt

1099-K: Where do I input it

Scenario:  The taxpayer has a 1099-K.

Solution:  The income from the 1099-K will be input directly on the appropriate income entry screen.  For example:  the taxpayer is self-employed, you would enter this amount directly on Schedule C Income.

Note:  The application does not have a 1099-K to complete

Blog Posted 02/09/2017      4:50 AM EST

MA Reject 075 — Message from the State

We received the following message from Massachusetts:

If you have received either of the following rejects:



Please resubmit the returns after 9pm on 02/07/2017


Blog Posted 02/07/2017   4;21PM EST

Ohio School District Reject (really an Alert)

Scenario: Ohio return is filed and accepted.  However when you look at client Status you see what appears to be a School District Reject

This is actually an Alert issued by the state of Ohio letting you know they received the School District Return.  It IS NOT a reject.

Blog Posted 02/06/2017     5:13 PM EST

Form 8888 — You MUST enter a $value for the first RTN/ACCT Line

If you are using the 8888 and trying to have the state deposited to a different account than the federal (because the state deposits to the first line of the 8888 when Direct Deposit is selected for the Federal).

Recommendation:  Enter the RTN/ACCT number where you want the state refund deposited first.  You MUST have part of the Federal Refund deposited to this account too.  The $value must be greater than zero

Enter the RTN/ACCT number where you want the remainder o the federal deposit on the 2nd line.  The refund total must match the federal refund.

If you DO NOT follow these steps and enter zero on the first line of the 8888, your return is located under the Validation Errors report.

Blog Posted 02/04/2017   9:56 AM EST

(Rise up Falcons)


1040NR — How do I handle the state?

If you file the federal return via 1040NR or 1040NR EZ, you will have to paper file the states.  With this being the first year to electronically file the 1040NR/NR EZ, the states are not participating in the program.

The software will generate the standard state return for the state associated with the 1040NR or 1040 NR EZ.  You cannot edit the state and make additional changes.

Blog Posted 02/04/2017  9:36 AM Eastern

(Rise up Falcons)

IL Rejects: PTIN or STIN must be present

If you have outstanding rejects for IL due to the above reject, you can resend the state e-file.

Steps to submitting these rejected returns:

(1) Open the Return

(2) Select the E-file Section

(3) Click through the pages (they have already been completed the first time a transmission was attempted).

(4) Select to Send the State Only if the federal return has already been accepted.

0125 mark to send state only

(5) Click OK on the warning box that the federal return will not be filed

0125 warning that the federal will not be sent

(6) When you get to the Submission page you have 2 options

Option 1 (Recommended) If the preparer/user conducting this task has the ability to Send to IRS Enabled in their Security Template, you can click

0124 save and transmit

You will then get a confirmation page that the return was transmitted. click Main Menu to return to the Welcome Page

0124 save and transmit confirmation

Option 2: The preparer can open each return and go through the same process as above, when they get to the Submission page in e-file, we recommend that you select the option of Ready for Retransmit

0124 ready to retransmit

Then select Save and Exit Return.  Once you have completed this for each return, you can send multiple returns from Transmissions.

Click Select on Transmissions

Reminder:  Only the returns with the status of Complete or Complete(Flagged for Retransmissions)

Click Add Returns

0124 add returns

Select the return(s) with the status of Transmitted (Flagged for Retransmit) and click Add Returns.  the return(s) will be removed from the window.  Click the X in the upper right hand corner.

0124 select flagged return (2)

This adds the return(s) to the normal transmission list.  Proceed as normal by selecting the Transmit to the IRS button.

Blog Posted 01/29/2017   10:34 PM EST